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What The Bible Say About Money That You Need To Know

People are brought into this world and immediately they grow up they start thinking of money and ways of making money. Some of the individuals always grow up and struggle to go to schools only to change their family names which in one way or the other have been bad because of poverty. Hence most individuals go yo school in order to change the face of their homes or families.

However, despite the fact that we all look for money, we have always been told by some pastors or men of God that money is the root of all evil. In this context so many have been wondering that if indeed it is the root of all evil, how comes same pastors still asks for tithes, offerings and some have even gone ahead of opening television stations where to they put an mpesa number?

However, today am going to share with you a verse that encourages to have money and if we don't have it, we look for it by all means.

The bible verse is in Ecclesiastes chapter 10 verses 19 part b, which says that 'but money answereth all things'.

This is indeed an encouragement to all and simply means that we should always work hard to look for money at all cost for it has the ability to answer all our problems in life.

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