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Why Dead Bodies Are Buried Facing Up

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You must have witnessed different burial practices from different parts of the world but the most common must be burying people lying on their backs. 

There are reasons for this and beliefs that support it. Though there will be few instances that people will not be buried in this position it is the most common one. Most burials in the world will obey this position but there are other practices where people are buried in a sitting position, standing or face down. Regardless of the positions each usually has its reasons. A burial ceremony is a very important practice in most religious practices and tribes all over the world. 

Here are the reasons why most people are buried facing up;

1. Body viewing

Many people love to have the bodies viewed by those who are condoling with them. The face up position for burying is usually used to help in the viewing of the body without much struggle as the face can be seen. During viewing it is the face that people want to see. Viewing provides an important and a great farewell moment for their loved ones and most want to see the face of the dead for the last time. 

Photo: Courtesy

2. Resurrection

Several religious practices believe in the resurrection and burying the dead in this position means that they are ready for that day. When lying on the back, it is easy for one to get up fast than when they are lying face down. This position shows that the dead are ready to meet the Supreme Being when He comes back.  

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