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Today's Morning prayer

Dear heavenly father,thank you for this day and everything you sent with it. In the good times and bad you're my unfailing rock,and I'm so grateful to you. Please forgive me for anything l may have done consciously or unconsciously that offended you or your people. My soul desire is to please you and serve you. As l walk out this life in your presence,help me press into you more deeply and follow you everbmore closely until Christ is formed in me.

I also forgive and release anyone who offended me today. I speak blessings over them,their work,their family and most of all,their walk with you,Lord. Please cleanse my heart of anything that displeases you as l pour out the truth and confess my sins before you.

As l rest,Lord,give me ideas,show me your plans and reveal to my heart anything l need to know. I submit myself as your willing vessel and desire to follow your perfect will in all area of my life.

If l may be unknowingly rebellious Lord,please deal with my heart and purity me. I am willing to be made willing in all things so that l don't miss your plans and purpose for my life. I pray trusting and believe in Jesus Might Name Amen.

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