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The wealthiest Kenyan Churches and Their yearly offerings.

More than 85% of are Christians. As indicated by the 2019 Census.The report showed that Protestants are 33.4%, Catholics20.6%, and Evangelical places of worship 20.4%.

1.Christ is the answer ministries (CITAM)

CITAM leads the most extravagant Kenyan places of worship with a yearly pay of KSh 2.23 billion. Its all-out pay in the year 2019 remained at KSh 2.23 billion, up from KSh 1.97 billion and that is a 13%rise. "This was significantly because of a boost from the new church braches, extraordinary giving towards the seven church Kenyans braches. The congregation offerings and contributions (65%) stayed the most noteworthy supporter of its complete pay. CITAM gathers billions every year.

2. The Nairobi Chapel

The Nairobi Chapel made an all-out pay of KSh 600 million from every one of its branches in 2018, down from KSh 532.3 million of 2017. It has developed from an enrollment of 20 to more than 3,000, with 26 churches.

3. Mavuno Church

For the financial year ended 2017, Mavuno church earned KSh 250.8 million, down from KSh 158.3 million.

The earnings were distributed as follows per month:

(Tithes and offerings ksh 10million)

 Interest (KSh 1.2 million)

 Exchange gain KSh 1.4 million.

4.Nairobi Baptist Church

As indicated by its assertion for complete pay, the Nairobi Baptist Church's all out income expanded from KSh 208.5 million of year 2018 to KSh 200 million of year 2019.Out of the aggregate sum, the congregation gathered KSh 129.7 million from general contributions, KSh 37 million from gift days, KSh 20 million from raising support and KSh 9.1 million from rental pay. It further produced KSh 10.1 million from self-financing and KSh 2.5 million from other pay.

5. All Saints Cathedral

The All Saints Cathedral in Nairobi had an all-out actual congregation of 68,930 attendees in 2020 from 279,609 of year 2019 contributed by COVID-19 pandemic and measures set up to contain the infection. As indicated by its 2020 AGM report, it gathered an aggregate of KSh 160.1 million.

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