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(Video) What Catholic Priest Told Ruto In Migori As Pulpit Sermon Turns Highly Political (give the timecode of the claim)

The Catholic Priest at Isibania Catholic Church where Deputy President, William Ruto today attended heaped Praises on Ruto's agenda saying that true churches must love people like Ruto who despite their position, associate themselves with the poor. “Lazima tupende watu kama wageni wetu mwenye agenda yake ya kusaidia wadogo kwa wanyonge kwa sababu Yesu alikuja kwa ajili ya hao watu" the priest started.

“Na Kama kanisa ya ukweli, Ni lazima tupende watu kama hao na katika ubatizo wetu tulisema kuwa lazima tutembee na watu kama hao" he started off his preaching in a sermon that many Netizens have termed Political. ( Hear the sermon from the video link below)

After the Church, Ruto began with a church service at Isebania Parish in Kuria West at around 9am. He will thereafter make a stopover at Getonganya town at around 11am.  According to his itinerary, the second-in command, will also address the public at Kehancha town before proceeding to Kuria East with scheduled stopovers at Nyamotambe, Nyabikongori and Wangirabose. 

Here is the video link from from Ruto's Facebook page

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