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Life Changing Prayer From A Man In The Bible Called Jabez.

I discovered that our minds have a major role to play in our success. If you have the right mindset, you would attract the right things into your life. It all starts from the mind! Your mind is your greatest asset!

Here is an example of a man in the bible called Jabez. Do you know what the name Jabez mean? Jabez means pain.

So, here we have Jabez, whose name means pain. It definitely gave a bad connotation to his personality. However, Jabez didn’t allow his name to decide what he will be. He didn’t base his worth on what other people may say about him. He made a decision to prove everyone wrong, including his mother.

Jabez recognized the importance of prayer in his life. He knew that if he wants to be successful, he would need the help of God. He knew that he can’t do anything noteworthy if he will only rely on himself.

Jabez prayed a powerful prayer. He didn’t simply pray once, but prayer has been part of his everyday life. It’s not a one-time event, but he prayed on a regular basis.

There’s a reason why Jesus Christ said, “Give us today our daily bread” instead of saying, “Give us today our monthly or yearly bread". God expects us to talk to Him every day and not just when we feel like it. Jabez asked God’s blessings so that he can also bless others. Jabez prayed to God to enlarge his coast, not to enjoy it selfishly, but rather he can share it with others and God answered his prayer.

We need to learn that no matter what other people may tell you about what you can and what you cannot do, we can always make a decision to do our best instead of simply letting them decide our future. Our true value does not lie in them.

Success is the combination of a lot of things, but there are things that are very important that you cannot do without and if you get it right then you are going on a progressive journey to becoming successful and your MINDSET IS ONE OF THEM.

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