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DON'T BE A LOSER, Change or Perish

A LOSER has;

1.Give up on life

2.Wants to talk down people's dreams.

3.Gets Jealous over useless issues.

4.Has Zero purpose or reason for living.

5.Doesn't show love to the world.

6.Makes you feel unmotivated and uninspired.

How are LOSERS created?

No one is born a loser.

Losers are created when a person experiences a major failure or hits rock bottom.

Losers are created when they become overly negative and have nothing positive in their lives. This mindset is created through lack of gratitude and appreciation for what they do have. Selfishness becomes the dominant way of living nd everyone else is the problem in their eyes. Losers stop taking responsibility for their life and decide to do nothing.

How to be a loser:

1.Watch news.

Those flashy headlines that steal your attention away from what matters are making you a loser. Most traditional news is exaggerated rubbish that makes people fear the world and fear each other. The news makes us look at each other like we're terrorists.

2.Dress like an imp.

No one's saying you need to wear designer clothes everyday. Dressing sharp though demonstrates that you have respect for yourself and how you appear to others.

3.Lack self-control.

Being in control is being disciplined. Losers let temptations lead them down a dark and very weary road and then get robbed of all of their most valuable traits. Being in control is being disciplined. Losers let temptation lead them down a dark and weary road and then get robbed of all of their most valuable personality traits.

Being in control is about having your mind in check. Your mind controls what you think ,so you better master it. When all your friends are complaining about their day and hurling abuse at each other, decide to leave the conversation or not follow their lead.

Take control of your emotions and diet.

4.Focus on the problem.

Losers spend way too much time being angered by the problem rather than moving into the positive state of mind and getting on with building the solution. Losers tell made up stories to themselves and those around them about the problem. This storytelling takes up a a lot of time and sucks away all the energy that could be channeled into coming up with the solution.

5.Have Zero confidence.

Having no confidence repels everyone away from you. Even during tough times, you have to remain confident and have faith in everything working at. Losers don't back themselves and are not confident. This then shows up in their passion and their results. They then mask this phenomenon by blaming, telling false stories and being angry.

Light up the world instead with your own light which will shine brightly when you discover who you are and how you can serve others. DON'T BE A LOSER

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