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11 Characteristics Of A Godly Woman According To Proverbs 31.

Do you know what a godly woman looks like? You are obviously not because you are here. Discover the characteristics of a God-fearing lady by reading on.

The wisest move a man can do is to date a godly lady. God-fearing women possess a few qualities that set them apart, make them desirable, and make them good life mates. A godly lady is more valuable than jewels, according to the Bible, and nothing you seek can compare to her, according to Proverbs 31.

Are you a woman seeking to better your life by acquiring the qualities of a godly woman? Here are some characteristics of a Christian woman in case you're a man looking forward to dating a woman who fears God.

1. She is reliable

Being trustworthy is one of a godly woman's key traits. Because she will treat him well and not evil for the rest of her life, her spouse may trust her and is therefore not required to be fearful of harm.

2. She Is Reliable.

Being diligent is another quality of a Christian lady. She actively seeks for wool and flax and works with her hands, according to Proverbs 31:13. She rises early in the evening to provide meat for her family and a part for her maidens since she is aware of her responsibilities as a wife. She refuses to live off of laziness since she is always prepared to do manual labor to provide for her family.

3. She Is Prophetic Verse 16–18. A woman who fears God is a visionary woman. She sees prospects and launches a business that would bring in money for her to support her family. She also doesn't appear to give up until she has achieved her objectives.

4. Verse 20 of She Is Kind.

"She extends her hand to the hungry; she extends her hands to the impoverished," it is said. A Christian lady is sympathetic and shows kindness to those who are less fortunate. She treats persons of lower class with hospitality rather than being harsh or nasty against them.

5. She Makes Plans

Verse 21 She does not fear the snow for her family because they are all dressed in crimson. She has the confidence to stand her ground when difficulties arise because she can predict the future and make plans for it. A good lady anticipates the bad times and makes preparations on how to deal with them.

6. She Is Humble

Verse 22 She "makes herself tapestry wraps; her attire is silk and purple." A Christian woman takes pride in her appearance. She is modest and doesn't dress the same as everyone else.

7. She Treats Her Husband With Respect and Care V 23 When her spouse is seated among the country's elders, he is recognized in the gates. Honoring and caring for her husband is another quality of a Christian woman. Because of the way she looks after her husband, everyone knows him. His physical appearance and the clothes he wears both give the impression that his wife is a devout Christian who follows the bible's guidelines on how wives should treat their husbands.

8. She Is Honest V 25 She is dressed in honor and strength, and she will be joyful in due time. Everywhere she travels, her sterling work earns her respect.Everyone respects her because they are aware of her sincere devotion to God.

9. She Is Filled With Wisdom vs. She speaks with wisdom, and the law of kindness is on the tip of her tongue. A wise mother from God educates her children and her entire family to always be kind to those who are in need.

10. She Is Respectful And Loyal

A Christian lady will be recognizable by her fidelity and deference to her husband and other members of society. She bows to her spouse and ensures the welfare of her family. Even her husband and kids compliment her for all of her nice deeds (verse 28).

11. She Has a Fear of God

What does being a woman who fears God entail? A lady who fears the Lord refrains from doing or acting in particular ways just out of respect for the Lord. A lady who fears God, for instance, would not cheat on her husband. She doesn't take from him, tell lies to him, or treat him disrespectfully. All of these qualities define a godly lady.

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