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Ways Pastors Are Fighting The Covid-19 Gathering Ban

After the president announced the new covid rules issuing curfews, lockdown and cutting mass gathering numbers, the churches are yet to receive a surge in attendance in the red zone areas. Pastors who benefited from offerings from their church members are receiving a huge blow to the few attendance that will be the new usual for a while. This means that unless they adopt to other new scheme's of getting the message to the people who in other way pay using online platform to give offerings they will be doomed. We have seen how the church has greatly given way to use of mpesa to give offerings and use of television to reach others . With those unable to do this, it's tough for them and end up begging the government and praying that the measures are put down or the pandemic comes to an end. And yes, look at how much joy people would have flocking into churches to thank God for an end of this covid pandemic. Wouldn't this be the best thing in the world? And what a good financial moment for the greedy pastors as they would reap heavily.

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