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Things God Wants You To Let Go That Are Blocking Your Blessings

Anger to control yourself or cause you to do something you would originally not do. Anger is not a fruit of the spirit and is why God through the Holy Spirit to deal with anger issues.

Patience and self-control allow anger to control you as a believer. You would still struggle with a lot of things for a very long time.

Unforgiveness will as well affect you. You're burdened with the hurt and anger from the past such that you cannot move on, you cannot look beyond what has happened. It slows down your seed.

Where and when you should be running, you are walking or crawling. The truth is there are certain things you may never receive from God when you hold unforgiveness in your heart.

It deters you from seeing the open doors God has kept for you. You are not able to achieve what God has destined you to have in life.

An envious person is so desperate to achieve things. He is impatient and unable to wait on God's time. Such a person would devise his own ways to achieve the wrong goals.

Things done against God's plans in His name to compete with someone or being jealous of others do not usually succeed in the long run.

God Brings Us Suffering for Others' Sake | Desiring God

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