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4 Places you wont believe exist on earth

There are places on earth which we see everyday and know they exist but there are other places which look magically good and unreal. Its hard for someone to believe it exists. Below are some of these places:

1. Siwa Oasis Egypt.

Its found between quatar depression and great sand sea in the Western desert.its isolated from other Egyptian settlements but its a home to people. The settlers here speak Siwi language and Arabic. Its beautiful and magical and has a mineral spring an oasis where one can swim when they decide to visit this place. Its so unique as the oasis formed naturally in the middle of the desert. The foods found here are locally planted olives and dates.

2.Son dong cave.

Its located in Vietnam.Its large and beautiful in and outside. In some areas the celling of the cave collapsed which has created beautiful sky lights and view. This areas has a lot of plants and trees to grow and has definetly increased vegetation in the cave thus forming a cave rainforest. The cave is also has Stalagmites formed by the mineral deposits in the cave. Its also home to animals like snakes squirrels rats and bats. Some parts in the cave are covered by water so tourists have to get on a boat in order to explore it.

3.Sakha Republic.

Its located in Russia. Its large and found above the arctic circle, not so many people live around this region. Most people live on escarpents and hill bottoms where the weather is slightly favourable. The ground is covered by frost its cold and its not much explored because of the severe weather especially the mountainous parts. The pictures shows its really beautiful and breathtaking. It's a region most suitable for photography purposes.

4.Tsingy National park.

Its located in western edge of Madagascar. It has rock formations which were plateaus that have deep rocks cut through them by ground water. It makes it difficult for someone to pass through them or on them because of the shape and the size. There is a bridge built in between to enable the tourist to view the area when they come to explore. This whole area is fascinating because of its unique geomorphology. Its home to some species because of its unusual nature. it looks like an amazing place to go to explore.

Which of these places suprised you? Let me know below. Dont forget to like and follow me for more news.

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