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Meet The Witchdoctor Jomo Kenyatta Loved, See What Happened to Her Funeral

Njambi, a traditional healer and close friend of Kenya's first president Jomo Kenyatta, was dubbed a "Mganga" (Witchdoctor) by the media.

Soon after her husband abandoned her, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta intended to wed Njambi. The father of Njambi, however, politely but firmly rejected Jomo's advances.

Mzee Jomo Kenyatta's emotional path was derailed when he encountered an obstacle in the form of a failed love affair. Margaret Njambi, despite this, remained a close friend of his. She remarried her first husband, with whom she had two additional children.

Njambi changed her name to Margaret, but she was never baptised or even inside a church.

It's unclear what services she offered to the head of state during a time when traditional doctors, witch doctors, and healers were commonly believed in.

She made explicit instructions before her death that all of her witchcraft equipment, or tools of the art, should be kept safely and passed down to the next generation.

There was drama at her funeral since the Church and her family couldn't agree on whether or not to burn some ceremonial artefacts.

The Church lost the war, but its members still prayed for the victims' loved ones and their possessions in separate services.

The burial, which was conducted by five priests, was private and not photographed.

An enormous crowd gathered up to say their goodbyes, but nobody was allowed to speak during the ceremony. Only the priests were allowed to preach.

On the graves of many Christians, the symbol of the cross can be seen. In the case of Njambi, however, the crucifix was laid to rest next her body, which made the situation somewhat unusual.

Reverend Geofrey Kinyanjui informed a local newspaper that the cross was not placed on her burial since she had never set foot inside a church.

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