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Use These Words To Destroy All The Wicked Plans Of The Enemy

Heavenly father in Jesus name, I thank you for the blood of your son Jesus without blemish. The heavenly blood that is holy and precious than the blood of goats and sheep.

Today, God' s presence shall go with you wherever you go. Help will come unto you from all sources and without limitations in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

I pray for you that God almighty will bring you back home with the fullness of joy, The God of heaven will keep you safe in his dwelling place, God will hide you and your family in the shelter of his Tabernacle, he will set you upon the rock far above your enemies today and remaining days of your life in Jesus mighty name.

I decree concerning your life and family, enough and permanent stop to pain, suffering, afflictions, labour without good results, struggling without success in the name of Jesus. . . I declare enough to bad news in your family, as from these moment you will begin to declare His faithfulness to all generations. HE will lift your head among your peers, your rod shall bud like the rod of Aaron. I decree enough to stagnation in your life, This is your season, you will move forward, you will be elevated. You are surrounded with the favour, goodness and mercy of God, your star will not fall or lose its brightness in Jesus Mighty name. .

I thank you for the gift of sacrificing your only son to pay unaffordable debt that nobody would have paid. l thank you for the precious blood that washes and make as white as snow.

I want to santify my body with the blood of Jesus. l santify my blood system with precious blood. I want to cover my body with the blood of Jesus Christ. So when angel of death pass over Will see the blood of Jesus and pass over me.

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