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Why many people are embracing Islam

These are the reasons attributed to people who are converting and embracing the religion of Islam. It can seen that most of these reasons can only be attributed to the process of critical thinking and intellectual reflection by mankind on the beauty of Islam.

1. Quranic language is simpler and more eloquent: The uniqueness and beauty of Quranic text has been admired by the linguists and scholars from all the walks of the world.The admiration has led people longing for Islam and converting.

2. Living scientific research, evidences and proofs: The Quran, revealed more than 1,400 years ago has numerous scientific facts and revelations that are being validated and accepted by science in this era.This has increased to admirations of it's beauty

3. Divine wisdom behind various social issues: The Quran provides a solution to numerous social issues, a deviation from which has known to cause societal chaos at all levels.

4. Quranic arguments in religious text that challenges mankind to reflect and ponder over God's wonderful creations and perfectness on social issues, God’s existence, and more. Quran challenges people to reflect and think on their own rather than heeding to the loose talk of those whose criticism is based on baseless foundations.Many has ended up embracing Islam.

5.Quran is the only known religious book that has an in-depth explanations and assertion of one Supreme Being on all issues ranging from the wonders of God's creation of the universe to social issues among others.

6.Islam is always fair in its judgements a d there's no single assumptions on social, economic and political issues in the society.

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