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"Take Politicians Money, Let Them Speak But Ask This Question," Manyora to Archbishop Ole Sapit

Political analyst Herman Manyora has opposed Anglican Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit’s move to ban all politicians from speaking in church.

Manyora said it is against what Kenyans do in church adding that guests are allowed to speak during a church service and special guests like politicians are given their special time to speak.

Manyora asked Archbishop Sapit to do what the late Archbishop Ndingi Mwana a’Nzeki and church leaders from the past did.

The Prof said most people have been using Sundays as a day to show their fashion and luxurious cars but as much as that is allowed, the late Archbishop Ndingi and the rest used the platform to be a voice of reason.

“I don’t see much benefit stopping politicians from speaking in church. A church is just not a spiritual place, you must look at the social-cultural issues surrounding it. Our churches are places where people go to show their fashion, their nice cars and to also greet people. This is us, this is Kenya, that’s our culture and tradition,” he said.

“Special guests are given time to greet the congregation in church, that is us. I challenge the church including Ole Sapit to do what Archbishop Ndingi Mwana a’Nzeki and those other power houses from the church did, they were a voice of reason,” added Manyora.

Manyora told Ole Sapit not to be quick to ban politicians from speaking in church saying that will make them run away.

The political analyst said the church should allow politicians to speak and also receive their huge donations but at the same time question politicians who are believed to be corrupt on where they get their money.

“Allow anybody to come to church, let them give the money they are giving and tell them you are a thief and ask where they got the money. Call the politicians for who they are and don’t stop them from talking,” said Manyora.

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