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Satan Will Forever be Scared If You Do This Regularly

Any misfortune that happens in the life of a human being is always attributed to satan. A person lying will always blame satan. Even in minute and major errors that we make in life, it is always the work of satan. We have been able to learn ways we can use to overcome the evil manipulation of the satan and do things according to God's command. Thanks to the different religious dominions that have helped us build a strong faith in the holy supernatural being in heaven. Satan will always work on his way to win your soul over and over again if you are not steadfast in doing things that scares him.

Two strong dominions existing on earth, Christianity and Islamic have taught us the power in reading the Bible and reading the Quran respectively. In a christian perspective, satan is scared of prayers. The official communication language between human beings and God is definitely through prayers. Reading and meditating the biblical quotes over and over again gives you the utmost power you require to conquer the evil manipulation of the satan.

Reading the Bible opens up your soul and let's it be influenced by the holy ghost. When satan realizes you are reading the Bible and most often using to pray, he gets more scared and won't attempt to come near you.

Kindly brethrens, I beseeach you to read the Bible and pray more often.

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