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Politics banned by a section of churches in kenya.

Anglican Archbishop Ole Sapit banned politicians from the pulpit, Ole Sapit says politicians should attend church services like other worshippers. He was given a backup by the Nyeri Archbishop Muheria urged catholic priests to ‘reclaim the altar’.Politicians have often used the pulpit as a campaign platform. Some church ministers are accused of accepting money from politicians as a way of letting them politic in church.

The Archbishop is on record of shutting politicians in his church not to politic . This brought him to the limelight for his stand. He personally said that wherever he shall be presiding any day, he will not give the politicians a chance to politic, because this is like turning the church into a political ground. He said that politicking shall only be allowed to politic outside the church, and that shall only happen after the church service is over. He further urged those allowing politicians to politic in their churches must stop it. He went ahead to claim that offerings from politicians will not be allowed to be announced to the public.

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Anglican Muheria Nyeri Ole Sapit


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