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Techniques That People Used to Protect Themselves Against Witches

During those years in the countryside there were stories of all kinds of work and various things. It grew to be a form of education through oral literature. Today I would like to talk about this: Sorcerers are a group of disturbing people who do strange and very frightening things. Reasons that lead people to join the race of witches are vices, weaknesses, loneliness, inheritance, history and sometimes forced or hostage. In these stories we have been told some of the methods of self-defense against witches excluding those methods of faith / religion. There are two techniques that we found to be narrated. First we were told to protect ourselves from witches by taking red hot coals and dip it in water. When the fire is extinguished you should take the charcoal and place it on your head while lying down (under the pillow). When the witch comes to you at night he will end up seeing only fire colored linen and you will sleep completely safe without being disturbed. But you will not be able to see or know your witch. This technique was used to protect them a little, in the rural areas it was very common to find someone drying flour on a mat but in the flour you see a lump of charcoal. They do this even as they grow and store the flour in baskets. The second method is very simple and scary. This technique is you were supposed to take a wooden cooking spoon that evening after cooking ugali and then at bedtime take the wooden spoon without washing it and put it on the head. When the time comes for the witch to pass around you will see them all as they are but they will know that you have seen them. Then there is the danger of this second method for after discovering that you have seen them (and they must know) they will attack you magically to prevent you from disclosing the secret. Their attacks do not kill you but they will paralyze the body, limbs, mind or mouth and you will remain as a zombie. Do you know any other techniques that you have been told? Share with us.

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