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Some Of The Regulations That Have Been Reviewed In The Covid 19 Address Today

Since the first case of the covid 19 pandemic, Kenyans have been struggling with the cost, dates and the number of people allowed to attend a person's send-off ceremony. The days within which a burial has to take place since death of a person had been reduced to seventy two hours, with in attendance minimized to fifteen attendants for the most affected counties. As a country, burial is something we culturally hold dear considering that it is the ultimate last right of passage in human life. As Kenyans as we are, we were used to attending burials in large numbers and logistics would take at least a week some even taking as long as a month to get fully prepared.

For the first time however since the inception of the corona virus in our country, the days have been revised from seventy two hours to ninety six hours(3days to 4days). The number of in attendance has also been raised to a hundred people in total with the exception of the counties under lock-down.

The biggest blow has however been on the matters curfew as it has been maintained as it is in all counties.

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