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Priests, Nuns are Secretly Watching Adults Films in Church, this is Ruining them, Pope Francis Warns

Pope Francis has opened up by saying that several priests and nuns are watching lewd adult pornographic films, Pope Francis there said that priests and nuns are strictly forbidden from watching such kinds of films.

Priests and nuns who keep on watching adult films, going against the chastity vows, a Church law they took and the offense against going the chastity vows it's currently governed by the church law which is under article 2354 of rules that governing the Catholic faith and the Catholic church rules.

While speaking in Rome, Pope Francis stated that the clergy was not left behind in R-rated vice, he added on saying that it is a vice that many people have, many laymen, many lay women, and many lay priests together with nuns.

According to the Daily Mail reports, Pope Francis cautioned catholic priests and nuns, he asked them they should be very careful, as watching adult films that's how the devil gets the easy task of achieving their holiness.

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