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"Ruto's Tactics Of Campaigning Have Now Been Known" Robert Alai's Post That Has Left Kenyan Mouths Wagging

A Kenyan blogger Robert Alai, HSC just tweeted in social media saying that Ruto's tactics of campaigning have know been well known by netizens. On Robert's post, its said that Ruto give out handcuffs to pastors when he attend church services. "Ruto’s tactic. Has been happening for the last 3 years."

Kenyans have reacted to his post asking for evidence. Here are some of the comments from the post:Cattle: Get two pastors to testify, we need to hear this from the horse's mouth, not from busybodies.

H.Mkongweh: If this the kind of reasoning we have,Kenya will remain with the same problems for the next unknown years

SK: So we don't have to question his source of money, right if it's just the same money rotating then Doyen @WilliamsRuto should not be accused of corruption or so he has no money.... Can we rest this issue now 2 million has been rotating for the past 3years...

@Jerry: That's rubbish he donated 1m to my church two years ago he didn't demand any money back such claims should be accompanied by evidence otherwise it's the usual propaganda

Joseph:No one to impress in church!! It's only your God who sees even what you're upto even as at now.

Kuloba: Senior, you're stretching it to far. Kwa ground vitu ni different. Take an example of Nakhwana Catholic Church in Kimaeti Sub-county, Bumula Constituency in Bungoma County... @WilliamsRuto did not attend in person but gave a donation of Ksh. 1M through @HonBumula!

Osoro: Actually was told something like this in the ministry of education. The minister (not cs) could give a school 5m but behind the curtains,BoM was bribed and only a few thousands were used.the rest? Eaten

Samaki: Giving is sacrificing. To give away money is an impossibility to the faithless. Baba as the father of the ODM fraternity has imparted his mkono gum spirit on his followers. They don't give and for that they won't receive.

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