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'See Top 8 Differences Between Islam And Christianity (Photos)

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Despite the fact that Christians and Muslims both worship the same God, the creator of the earth and heaven, the two religions have significant differences.

Some of the differences between Christians and Muslims are listed below:

1: Creator

Christians call the person who made the earth and the sky God, while Muslims call him Allah.

2: Holy Book

Christians have the Bible, which includes both the Old and New Testaments, whereas Muslims have the Quran, which does not include the New Testament.

3: Son of God

In the New Testament, Christians refer to God's son as Jesus, while Muslims refer to him as the Prophet Mohammed.

4: Praying and Worshiping

When Christians and Muslims pray, there is a significant difference: Christians kneel when praying, whilst Muslims face the ground.

5: Place of Worship

Christians always worship God in church, whilst Muslims worship Allah in a mosque.

6: Day of Worship

Christians have two days to worship God, Saturday and Sunday, whereas Muslims have only one day, Friday.

7: Tithe and Offerings

Christians pay a 10% tithe, whereas Muslims pay a Zakaat tax.

8: Marriage

Polygamy is forbidden in Christianity, but it is permitted in Islam.


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