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What Rev Natasha Said About Privacy

Popular Kenyan celebrated preacher Rev Lucy Natasha alias Oracle of God is a senior overseer at Empowerment Christian Church in Nairobi CBD. She is also a motivational speaker who never disappoints whenever she gets an opportunity at the pulpit.

Recently she urged people to always maintain their life privacy since nobody can tamper with anything not sure of.

'When You Build In Silence, People Don't Know What To Attack. #PrivacyIsPower #BuildIt #LifeTeachingsWithOracle.' She captioned on her official social media platforms.

However while trying to explain on subject, she also meant that privacy gives people the right to choose feelings and personal thoughts and who to share with. Apparently it literally protects crucial information like secrets in a family, mode of life and financial status. In fact according to the Kenyan law, privacy is a regulated law that protects against unnecessary interference or attacks.

Rev Natasha's Facebook followers could not keep calm after the inspiring quote. This are some of the positive responses.

Ann Wairimu

Very true. Mum that why I love you coz you make me learn

Tapie De Malanga

Exactly what I've learnt & am doing that.

Nnedi Uzowihe

True . Don't tell no one nothing until you know they can be trusted as a matter of fact they don't need to know anything , they don't pay your bills , don't feed you and do absolutely nothing for you . Jealousy and envy never live too far and are friends with their buddies far and wide stay away from envious and jealous people they never mean well.

Sharon James

So true People can't ruin the Plans of God  God  purpose and plans have to prevail no devil demon can stop God purpose.

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