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The Best Hour To Pray For God's Miracles

In the life of christianity, prayer is very important as taught by our Lord Jesus Christ. Prayer is what makes those things that seem impossible to men possible.

In the bible, we are always reminded to pray and pray earnestly. The reason to this is because, christians have many battles in the spiritual world.

Many christians do not know about the 3 am Prayer. This is the best hour of prayer. More so, some of the christians who knew about the 3 am prayer thought that it was a myth. However, the prayer is real and it can work miracles in your life.

Many christians who have the holy spirit get themselves awake at this time but they do not know that the purpose to why the spirit awakens them up, is to pray.

3 Pm is also an hour of prayer and it is even evident in the bible. In Acts 3:1-9 we are told how a crippled man was healed by Peter and John at the beautiful gate. This miracle took place at 3 Pm. The same applies to our lives as christians. This hour is the best hour to present our worries and troubles to God.


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