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Opinion:: Why Rev Natasha's Important Statement Is Neither Convincing Nor Factual

For a person who thrives on controversy and the media limelight, the latest Important Statement by the Reverend Lucy Natasha is curiously penned by her communication manager. The statement is a response to allegations on Facebook by Martha Mwihaki Hinga that Natasha practices occultism, engages in promoting promiscuity, and practices a brand of Christianity not supported by the Bible.

Rev. Natasha (top) and Martha Hinga (bottom).

In her response, Rev. Natasha points out that the Hinga account is a pseudo account used by detractor(s) to tarnish her good name.


We set out to verify first whether the account existed before the present furor and if at all it posted content critical of Natasha. Yes, it did exist with some of her earlier posts showing nominal Christian tendencies and no negative mention of Rev. Natasha.

Natasha's mother is mentioned as having mystique potential often associated with West African voodoism.

As to why the Facebook account has been deactivated suddenly we ascribed two reasons. One: the Rev. Natasha has an army of online soldiers who are computer-savvy and capable of flagging the account with Facebook. Some of her ardent followers include the popular Twitter bigwig JaLoka.

Alternatively, as she indicated in Part Three of her exposè Martha Mwihaki Hinga could have pulled it down out of fear and reprisal.

Did the Important Statement by Rev. Natasha respond to the accusations levelled against her by Hinga?

One, if Rev. Natasha is responding to Martha Mwihaki Hinga then she did not understand the claims leveled against her; which were; that she is not practicing Bible-based Christianity, instead, she is practicing cultism centered on liberal acts of coitus.

Such accusations are answered by a simple point-by-point response rather than quoting from one scripture in Old English that has got no relevance to the issue at hand. Surely accusations from one false (pseudo) account cannot be a yardstick for measuring how a Christian is persecuted. No. Common sense, therefore, indicates there's more to this pseudo account than wild allegations.

I John 2:15-17

Were attacks by Hinga on the ostentatious lifestyle of Natasha justifiable? Part of her response reads: "We wish to categorically state that we are a ministry committed to maintaining Biblical standards both in Theology and Practice"

Financial kill

Our findings are that Bible Theology does not support the doctrine of prosperity as preached by Rev. Natasha. The Bible foretells the coming of people like her in Acts Chapter 20:29—31 who will talk perversities to draw converts away from the truth. Their goal is stated as making a financial kill. Bible history further traces the recent origin of the Gospel of Prosperity to the onset of the Charismatic Movement in the United States of America in 1960s. It has been popularized by Black American televangelists Creflo Dollar and TD Jakes. It has no meaning in Bible.

Does her Ministry uphold Bible standards in practice? The Bible answers:

No, her ostentatious lifestyle and showing off do not conform to Bible standards.

There's no Bible account were a notable Christian leader from Abraham, Jacob, and Solomon who were reasonably wealthy by the standards of their day nor Jesus, Paul, or the relatively poor disciples, taught or practiced a lifestyle of ostentatiousness.

Our conclusion: the Important Statement by Rev. Natasha is neither convincing nor factual. The scripture highlighted below is a quote from the modern English Byington version of the Bible. Matthew Chapter 6:19,20,24.

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