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Is It Right For Christians To Wear Rings And Jewelry?

Most Christians are soo concern about wearing rings and jewelry apart from the engagement rings, most people take jewelry and rings as ungodly and Christians are not supposed to wear it.

I suggest that wearing rings and jewelry is not a sin, what determines your religiousity or non religion is your heart, what you're convinced in your heart is what determines your true identity.

Therefore having jewelry and rings in your body does not suggest your identity, and wearing jewelry does not barely reflect what is in your heart, hence nothing clearly give an explanation that having jewelry in your body is a sin.

Therefore as a Christian, you not wearing jewelry should not make those wearing it to be sinners. God looks at your heart. This is clear when David was chosen by God to be the king of Israel.

No one expected of him, but since God have seen what was in his heart that's why He chooses him as the king of Israel.

Therefore wearing rings and jewelry for Christians should not bring a lot of concern, but let us take time to perfect our hearts and love for others.

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