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Verse which Can Change the World if it is Followed as it Says

The Book of Colossians is in the new testament of the Bible and forms part of some of the Letters written by St. Paul.

The Book has four chapters and each chapter is full of wise counsel which not only applied to the people of old but the writings are really applicable to the modern generation.

Actually as one song said, The Word of God was Written many years ago but surprisingly, it does not get old, at each day, the Word is new and applicable.

Reading through the whole chapter three of the book of Colossians, one meets various words which direct and talk about family relations, love, interactions with each other and salvation.

The verse which caught my interest most and found it nice for us to discuss is verse 23.

The verse says that everything a person does, they should do it as though they are working for God and not to human masters.

Now, we all have somebody we work for either directly or indirectly. Even the self employed persons aim at pleasing their customers since without them they will operate at a loss.

And this is where the contrast comes in. At most times, people wake up early to go to work but they are late to go to church. Others leave church early to attend to their interests but they can sacrifice to leave work late, just for some project to be successful.

Between serving a human and serving God, which one is greater and more beneficial?

In yet other circumstances, people become so caring, loving, humble and considerate when performing religious related activities and mostly on worship days.

But the same persons solicited bribes, use false weighing scales, are idolaters, oppress the poor and perform many unacceptable acts during normal days.

Here the Word of God is speaking to all people. And the wise counsel is, everything a person finds themselves doing, let's do it as though they are serving God Himself.

Verse 24 and 25 sheds more light. For everything a person does, God will give them a reward. Whoever does good will be repaid with good and whoever does wrong they will be repaid for their wrongs.

Thus, before you steal from your boss, ask yourself if you would steal if you were working for God. Before you;

report Late to work, solicited a bribe, oppress the less fortunate, cheat in an exam, drive passengers carelessly, punish unfairly, cheat on your partner, neglect responsibilities to your kids and parents, steal from your parents, fail to work hard in school, ... (Name all other deeds)...

Ask yourself if you would do the Same to God if He was your Direct Master.

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