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4 Reasons Why It Is Wrong To Worship Angels

Worship can only be directed to God and not any other creature. Among the ten commandments, this comes as the very first commandment that God requires us to obey. We should not have any other gods besides God whether carved out of stone or wood or any living creature. It follows that every living creature that was created by God is supposed to worship God (Psalm 150:6). Therefore, worship of animals, artificial items and angels is forbidden for the following reasons:

1. Angels are part of God's creation

In the Biblical second account of creation according to Genesis 2, God is said to have created the heavens and the host of heaven which includes the angels. Because of this, angels are mandated to worship God just like men are commanded to do so. Worshipping any creation of God is therefore forbidden.

2. It is God's command

According to Exodus 20:5, God commands us not to worship any other gods but Him alone. A god simply refers to anything that we esteem highly other than God. Worshipping other creatures such as animals or trees and angels is disobedience to God's word which can lead to punishment.

3. Angels are supposed to serve us and not viceversa

Angels are God's special messengers or ministers to men. Therefore, we are not supposed to worship them. In Revelation, apostle John narrates of several instances when he bowed down to worship the Angel who was showing him the visions. However, the angel would caution John from doing so because only God deserves to be worshipped.

4. Angels have no power of their own

The ability and power that angels possess is given to them by God. This shows that God is more powerful and can choose to withdraw their ranks and powers from them. For example, Isaiah 14:10-12 describes that Satan was once a high ranking angel in heaven. He was originally called Lucifer to mean bearer of the light. However, due to pride, the devil was cast away from heaven (Revelation 12:7). As such, worshipping angels is a fruitless effort that can only lead to destruction.

Why do you think it is wrong to worship angels?

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