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Things To Tell God Tonight Before You Go To Bed

Seeing another day that is coming to an end is not something to be taken lightly. You therefore ought to show God appreciation before you sleep. These are the things that you should tell him tonight;

Appreciate him for waking you up today and making get to work and other places safe.

Appreciate him for providing you with food at lunch hours and even at night.

Ask him to forgive you the sins that you might have committed during the day.

If you are seeking employment, tell him to open doors so that you can start earning salaries.

Tell him to take care of you and your family throughout the night.

Tell him to provide a solution for the pandemic that is all over the world.

These things might seem small but God is very keen to see if we deserve his blessings. Make it a habit to communicate with God everyday before you go to bed.

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