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Should We Stop Giving Tithes? See What The Bible Says

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What does the Bible say about tithe offerings? Are christians supposed to give their tithes to Men of God in the church? Well let's dig deeper and find out more from the scripture.

There is a law written in the Bible that christians should offer 10% of their gains. The Bible says in Deuteronomy 14:22 -29 that a christian is supposed to set aside a tenth of their produce each year as tithe.

We all have different ways we interpret the Bible, this is why you should separate some time to read and study the holy book.

The Bible says, "eat the tithes of your corn" in Deuteronomy which possibly means that we should spend the tithes together with other christians. The Bible says that by doing so christians will learn to obey and respect God.

The verse then specifies that if you live far from the place of worship, then you should sell your produce and take the money to the church. Use the money in whatever you want, eat and enjoy in the presence of the Lord with your family.

However, the Bible encourages christians to store food for the widows, orphans and foreigners because they have no land. God promises blessings to those who do so.

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