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Why The Love of Money is The Root of All Evil 1st Timothy 6:10

Everything is money in this world. There are different ways in which people acquire money. You may discover that there are people who hustle to get paid. There are those who sit in the office as money enter their bank accounts. There are those who supervise others and get paid. There are those people who use their talents and get paid and there are those people who teach others and get paid.

All of the above are ways people make money. Though people have money and they love to have money, it has brought evil deeds in the society. Money has made millions and millions of people forget their true identity and just think about money.

And love of money has become the root to all evil in that:

1. You discover that people sacrifice their loved ones in order to get money. This is clearly seen from people who join illuminati group.

2. People who have money tend to deceive others that God does not exist. This is because they make money in a wrong cut way. And you may discover that people using wrong cut to make money always make huge amount.

3. You may discover that people with money they always have greater opportunities to be employed. This is contradictory to those who haven't, since such people pay for them to be employed hence receiving a direct entry even if they don't have knowledge.

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