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`Super Wave' Rev Natasha Elated After Thousands Flocked At Prophet Carmel's Church In India (PHOTOS)

City celebrated preacher one Rev Lucy Natasha was elated after Thousands Flocked at Prophet Stanley Carmel church in India. This was a Tuesday service held at evening hour's where high turnout was recorded. The renowned celebrity preacher left the country 3 days ago since December holiday..he has been fellowshiping at Empowerment christian church situated in Nairobi.

According to a Facebook caption shared on Rev Lucy Natasha's official social media handles, she hailed the great move citing end times when people will have more thirst for the gospel of God. It read......

`There is GREAT WAVE REVIVAL around the world. There is a SHIFT taking place. God is rising a generation of men and women filled with the word of God! There is an end time army that God is RISING. Highlights Of My Hubby❤️ Prophet Carmel Ministering in India 🇮🇳 #IndiaForChrist #FearlessGeneration #RevivalNow.' End of quote

The two love birds met in the United States where they were both on a church assignment and went on their first date. “We met in Dallas, we talked for hours on end. The conversations were natural and the chemistry was effortless. We were vulnerable with each other, but one thing we were sure about was that it was the begging of something beautiful,” shares Carmel.

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Lucy Natasha Natasha Elated Super Wave'


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