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Opinion: 7 Most Influential Preachers Who Were Led by the Holy Spirit in Their Ministries

"Saying, I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last: and What thou seest,write in a book ,and sent it unto the seven churches which are in Asia;unto Ephesus,and unto Smyrna,and unto Pergamos,and untoTyatira,and unto Sardis,and unto Philadelphia ,and unto Laodecea." (revelation1:11 KJV).

Just after Christ died, there has been seven church ages as shown in (REV1:11)


"The mystery of the seven stars which thou sawest in my right hand ,and the seven golden candlesticks. The seven stars are the angels of the seven churches and the seven golden candlesticks which thou sawest are the seven churches ". revelation 1:20 KJV).

From the above verse,we can see that there are seven church ages and seven star-messengers to those seven church ages reffered to as angels.

and in this article am going to mention those 7 angels (each posessing the seven stars from Christ's right hand).

1.Apostle Paul

Messenger to: Ephesian Church Age (A.D.53 to A.D.170)

Paul was the star-messanger to the church of Ephesus who brought the word of God to the gentiles. .

Apostle Paul is also the author of many books in the New Testament.


Messenger to: Smyrnean Church Age (A.D. 170 to A.D. 312)

After Apostle Paul came Irenius . The church of Smyrna passed through a tough Tribulation since the message to their church age says "and ye shall have ten days of tribulation" ( meaning ten years of tribulation)


Messenger to: Pergamean Church Age (AD 312 to A.D. 606)

Martin was a solder.For Martin to serve God he found a man cold and shivering, and passers by didn't bother to help him, just like the story of a good Samaritan , Martin helped him ,he cut his coat into two and gave a piece to the helpless man, his service in God's work started that night ,since Jesus appeared to him wearing the same half piece of his coat he used to cover the helpless man.


messanger to: Thyaterian Church Age (A.D 606 to A.D. 1520)

Columba was from Ireland and Scotland.

Thyaterian church age was known to be "Dark Ages" with sexual immorality .

All those who did not follow some doctrines were thrown to the lake of fire and persecuted.

5.Martin Luther

Messanger to: Sardisean Church Age(A.D. 1520 to A.D. 1750)

Martin Luther is a well known reformer who started the Protestant Church ministries. He dropped his writings, The 95 Theses, at Wittenberg,

Martin Luther translated the Bible from Greeks to German to help the locals understand the word of God.

His ministry blessed over 540 million Christians around the world

6.John Wesly

messenger to: Philadelphian Church Age(A.D. 1750 to A.D. 1906)

John Wesly preached about sanctification and also the founder of Methodist Church.

7.William Marrion Branham

Messanger to: Laodecean Church Age ( since 1909)

The last messanger to the last church age in which we currently live

A prophet of God who lead a revival ministry.

He also gave his testimonies on angelic visits with one evidently shown on one of his pictures, shown below.

Branham died in December 1965.

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