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7 Clear Signs That The Devil Is Trying To Attack You; Spiritual Attack

1. The feeling of being defeated and discouraged

A sense of feeling defeat and discouraged is a sign of an intense spiritual attack. With this kind of feeling, there is an Intense pressure from within and a struggle from within is a sign of an attack. Anytime you feel like giving up, remember it's a spiritual attack.

2. When you loose your spiritual desires

This can be reflected in your prayer life and how much you take in the word of God. You even find it difficult to pray and interact with other christians. This is a sign of an intense kind of spiritual attack.

3. Feelings of doubts for God

Have you reached a point in life where you no longer believe in God and doubt whether He cares for you. Anytime you reach this point in life, it's very clear you are under an Intense Spiritual attack.

4. Lots of negative thoughts

Lots of negativity in your thoughts is a clear sign that you are under a spiritual attack. One of the places that the enemy attacks is you mind. When God attacks your mind, he will give you evil thoughts that will cause fear, worry and anxiety. This thoughts are normally meant to cause you to loose faith in God.

5. Wanting to quit your salvation Walk

Have you reached a point in life where you feel like it's the best option to go back to your past life? You literally feel tired of salvation. Such feelings are from the devil, anytime you have those feelings of giving up your faith, it's a clear sign that you are under and intense spiritual attack and you have to fortify yourself before it's too late.

6. When old wounds start affecting youresurfacing of old wounds is a sign of a spiritual attack from the enemy. This is often meant to cause pain again even when you have healed. It's an attack and you should never allow the enemy to take you to your past to cause you pain again.

7. When feelings of guilt from your past start arising

The devil will sometimes remind you of your past mistakes so as to make you feel worthless and not up to the measure of the standard of God. Anytime the devil reminds you of your past, remind him of his future.

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Spiritual Attack


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