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"Kumbe Ni Ukweli"- Do You Have The Letter ‘M' On The Palm Of Your Hand, This Is What It Means(Myths)

Palmistry or palm perusing may be viewed as a myth, odd and senseless by many, but it has a long history from back in the old days and it is considered real by a few.

My people have come up with different theories to explain the meaning of different things which some of them have some truth in it.

In this article we are going to focus on palm reading which is something that has been used in the past to determine the future of a person.

Talking of your palm I want you to look at your hand and tell me which letter are you seeing there?

There are many shapes that seems to appear but the most common one is the Letter M as shown in the picture below.

Below are some facts of myths associated to this letter M.

1. Those who have the letter "M" are considered good when it comes to professional jobs. This group of people with letter M usually do well in office jobs and whenever they get one they flourish to the top.

2. The letter "M" is connected to great instincts. It's beloved that individuals with letter M see far and can be able to predict what is about to happen to them especially things like being conned.

3. If you have have this letter “M” how do you,u do in business? This group of individuals is considered the best at profiting and are always self-inspired.

4. The "M" is formed as a result of the headline and the lifeline, this implies fortune.

However it is vital to note that at one point of your life the shape formed at your palm may change exposing more character and more opportunities.

There are more myths associated to this letter M, please let me know them by commenting below in the comments section. Also don't forget to show us some love by Hitting the +Follow Button, smash a Like and share with friends and family.

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Kumbe Ni Ukweli


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