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Lessons We Learn From The Healing of The Blind Man Miracle

During the time of Christ, the blind men and those people with physical infirmities are considered a burden to the society. Most of them are left by their family and end up begging food and money in the streets. They are looked down upon as among lowest class in the society. They have no wealth nor power for other people to respect them. Here are lessons we learn;

1•Our weakness brings us closer to God_ The man could be blind, a curse for many, but it was the same ailment that led Him to Christ. What a way to turn your trials into blessings.

It shows that even in the midst of trials, we can still find joy. God didn’t promise us a life free of problems, but He ensures us that He will always be with us. Though we might be feeling defeated because of the many challenges that may come our way, we can still have the confidence that God will see us through.

2• We must endure hardships in life_ Jesus Christ made it very clear that it is not the man who sinned nor his parents. There’s a purpose why it happened. The fact is, as long as we are living in this world ruled by Satan, we will have many trials to endure.

When we endure sufferings that are not caused by us, God commends us for that. Sometimes, God puts more importance on how we develop our godly character rather than our comfort.

3• We must follow God’s commandments rather than man’s traditions_ It was a Sabbath when Christ healed the blind man. The Jewish leaders taught that healing is prohibited in the Sabbath. Not only that but making clay is also deemed to be a Sabbath violation.

Jesus Christ seized this as an opportunity to show the religious leaders and the people around Him how they made the Sabbath a burden rather than a delight.

4• We must work the work of God _Christ has consistently been doing the work He was sent to do. In fact, Christ’s special diet is doing the work of God.

We are not sent to be idle, but to be busy doing the work of God. We are not just to simply warm our seats during Sabbath services, but rather we are to make seeking God’s kingdom to be our top priority.

5• Obedience and faith comes together_ As Christians today, many of us would like to receive God’s blessings, but only a few would really like to do God’s commandments. We can’t expect God to grant us good health or heal our infirmities when all the while we have a sedentary lifestyle. We can’t expect God to grant us financial blessings if we are lazy. Finally, we can’t expect God to grant us eternal life if we can’t even follow His commandments today.

6• God will one day take away the spiritual blindness of this world_ This will be the glorious time when the world won’t be deceived anymore and they will know the only living and true God who loves us to the point that He gave us His son to die for us and save us from our sin.

7• We must be the light of the world_ When other people see us, do they see the light emanating from Christ or do they see darkness in our lives? When the situation becomes difficult, do we dim our light and compromise our beliefs or do we keep our lights glowing brightly in spite of persecution?

May we all strive to become lights in this dark world.Thanks for reading and let us be the light of the world. Please share this article to enlighten someone today thanks.

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The Blind Man


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