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Husband and wife relationship

Who was Cain’s wife in the Bible?

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Cain's wife was possibly Cain's sister and a member of Adam's household.

Cain's wife's name and character are simply mentioned in passing. Cain's wife is only mentioned once in the Bible, in Genesis 4:17, when Cain and his wife had a son. They named a city after him not long after. Aside from Cain and Abel, the Bible claims that Adam and Eve had numerous children (Genesis 5:4). Cain most likely took one of these daughters as his wife.

Intermarriage in the Bible

Abraham married his half-sister in Genesis 20:12, indicating that the practice of brothers marrying sisters was customary at the time. Men and women were not as ill, disfigured, or intellectually inferior as they are today during that time period. Close intermarriage between members of the same family is not recommended at this time because of this condition in many families.

Moses forbade intimate intermarriages between members of the same family in Leviticus 18:6-17.

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