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The Conscious and The Unconscious in the Spiritual World

After the earth was formed in whichever way, man became superior to all the living and nonliving in it's existence. He has tried to come up with his own creations with time and has also come up with ways to explain his own existence. In the explanation of his existence, various theories and hypothesis have cropped up with time. The greatest faculty that has been used in research and analysis of human behaviour is the brain.


In psychology, the brain has been used to explain behaviour in various ways. It all started with Sigmund Freud explanation of the three levels of consciousness. He said that human mind is divided into conscious, subconscious, and unconscious. The conscious carrying the information that is being used currently, subconscious holding information that can be retrieved at will, and lastly the unconscious that holds information that cannot be retrieved at will. He said information held by these levels of the mind dictate our behaviours.


In the spiritual world which has been in existence since time immemorial, the explanation of our existence has not been left out. In various religious books and spiritual teachings human beings are divided into twos; good and evil, righteous and wicked, sleeping and awake, enlightened and benighted, aware and unaware, and finally conscious and unconscious. The explanations may appear to be archaic compared to the scientific theories but they summarise our existence in only two differing statements and the statements have been used to create vast religious entities. The statements go with the human morality and behaviour. I prefer to go with the last explanation for it has been used across all spiritual entities.

The Conscious and the Unconscious

The conscious are termed to be people who are aware of every step they take. These people have been classified as good and who follow the laws of the deities. They analyse and sieve their wordings and actions way before they execute them. They are considered to be religious and spiritual in the society. They are also termed to be wise and are trusted when it comes to servicing humanity. The conscious are fewer than the unconscious in the universe and are expected to help the unconscious to gain consciousness thus the evolution of various religions.

The unconscious in the other hand are considered to be of poor moral values and appear ignorant. They are the majority and are mostly associated with evil deeds like corruption, thuggery, sexual immorality, drunkenness and all other vices. To become conscious they are required to join the conscious as seekers,disciples, or followers so that they can be shown the way to the light.


Looking at matters in this angle, I conclude that there is no lesser religion or spiritual entity so long as it is directing it's followers towards doing what is right. We are supposed to concentrate our energy on spiritual progression in all walks of life for that is what we are following in all levels of religiousness and spirituality. Being a Christ's follower I will leave you with James 1:27.

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