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Are You Struggling With Depression? This Prayer Is For You

Most people are under the siege of depression. This is due to the many challenges they are facing which seem to overwhelm them to the extent that they cannot help themselves. As a result, they are full of pain and bitterness. A cloud of hopelessness engulfs them as they watch their lives translate into nothing but meaningless sorrow and regret. They are grateful for the gift of life but even more ungrateful for the fact that their problems still cling to them and never seem to give them rest. In such times, their only hope is in God who can turn around their shame to glory and relieve them from their pain.

God is indeed an ever present help when we call on Him. Because of his compassion, He is able to heal the sick, set the oppressed free and bring hope to those who are suffering. If you are going through depression or you know of any person whether your friend, colleague or relative under depression, please do well to intercede on their behalf as you make this prayer:

"Almighty Father we give you glory, honour and praise. Thank you for such an hour as this that you have purposed to do a new thing in our lives. We humbly pray that you will cleanse us of our iniquities and sin. We repent of every evil doing that has been the cause of our suffering and ask that you will have mercy on us.

Thank you Lord for the circumstances in our lives. According to Ecclesiastes 7:14 we are grateful for the good and bad times that we have experienced in our lives. We know that you are able to do exceedingly, abundantly and above all we could ever think or imagine. How we pray that by your mercy you will intervene in our lives and do away with all manner of depression.

We pray for our friends, relatives and family members who are struggling with depression. May you fill them with your joy and give them hope. We pray that you will wipe away their tears and give them beauty for ashes. According to Joel 2:25-26, restore everything that the enemy has eaten. Restore their jobs, families, happiness and their peace. We curse the spirit of death hovering around them in Jesus name and we declare that they shall not die but live and declare your wondrous deeds in the land of the living (Psalm 118:17).

We trust and believe in your power to heal and deliver. Thank you Lord for you have done it. In Jesus mighty name we pray and believe: Amen.

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