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God Loves a Cheerful Giver

Same people who believes God can bless you without limit, but don't want to believe that Ruto is also super rich from being blessed by God. Then what do you believe in then, If God blessed Job twice after he was tested by Satan.

They will say God loves a cheerful giver and blesses you the more you offer, so, why are they not ready to believe that since Ruto gives millions every Sunday to churches and God, God in return blesses him with double double? 

So, when it comes to blessings, God hits a fail switch when it comes to blessing a politician you do not support, isn't it?

The God who bless business people is the one who also bless politicians and he doesn't change by doing so, christians need to demonstrate their faith in every situation.

Also God said that he will bless the work of our hands then why don't you believe in his word?

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Job Ruto


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