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Why do we need to be part of a church

If you remove a burning log from a fire, it soon dies out. It needs other burning pieces of food around it to keep blazing brightly. In the same way, our passion for God dies out if you try following Jesus alone, and don't connect to the church that loves God. In heaven, the headlines are not about politics. they're about what's happening with God's church all over the world.

The church is God's family. It exists to be like him and spread his message in the community it's placed in. It's not a building or a meeting. It's people! It's spiritual Ubuntu. We belong it only to go to God, but also to one another. The Christian Life is about togetherness. No lone rangers allowed!

Check out a migrating flock of geese fly in a v formation. They don't do this just to look pretty! By flying behind each other they Creator slipstream of lifting, moving air that makes it much easier to fly. Research shows that's why a flock can fly 70% father with the same amount of energy simply by sticking together.the reason they honk is to encourage the birds upfront that are doing most of the work. This is a picture of the church. God knew that we would grow spiritually much better in an encouraging, supportive community so he created the church.

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