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Spiritual Awakening Process – Your Initiation Into Higher Consciousness

What Is Spiritual Awakening?

Spiritual Awakening is defined as an initiation into an expanded sense of awareness and connective with Cosmic Intelligence or just a shift in one’s Consciousness. It is one of the simplest form of paradigm shift.

Spiritual awakening seems more like waking up from a dream. But in reality, it is not a dream but a collective web of beliefs, pathways, illusions, distortions and perceptions that make up reality.

The process itself occurs when fear, confusion, anger, envy, lies and illusions of the physical, reconnect with higher consciousness to full realization of the underlying love and peace present in every moment.

The awakening follows the law of two fold which includes, deconstruction of the lower self rooted in illusion. 

Secondly, it involves construction, and building up the spiritual centers of perception to see and know higher worlds.

Awakening, is a powerful metaphor used to describe the shift. This is so because words are ultimately inadequate when it comes to explaining or describing the profound and life-altering change that can happen in a moment when you wake up.

In many ways, spiritual awakening feels more like waking up from a dream and abruptly realizing your previous experiences that seemed so real, and vivid were just actually rooted in illusion. 

Upon awakening, it becomes crystal precise that there’s so much more than the dream world.

One most important thing about spiritual waking up is that, it is not the ‘be all end all' of spiritual development but just the tipping point of initiation into the process of fully awakening.

Many think that spiritual awakening is a goal or a sort of finish line, but in reality waking up is just the beginning of the journey.

The truth is that there's always further more to reveal of the innermost core of warmth and bliss that is your truth. Always room for growth. Always deeper layers to be revealed, illusions to dispel, and masks to shed.

Revealing process is the path of becoming awakened spiritually or the path of spiritual enlightenment and the life changing journey of aligning with Cosmic Intelligence in order to see the reality through an enlightened perspective.

Spiritual awakening process act as the entrance into living in the awakened state. Living with a sense of connection to your higher self, and to higher consciousness.

The process is not only about knowing your psychic gifts and abilities, but also about opening up to a higher level of Cosmic Intelligence and Divine Mind.

9 Signs Of Spiritual Awakening

•Experiencing a state of well being.

• Experiencing deep inner peace by yourself.

• Experiencing a sense of belonging and timelessness.

• Standing in your truth at all times.

• Being gratified with what you get.

• Experiencing innermost freedom.

• Experiencing deep connection with all that you get.

• Experiencing a release of fear around death.

• Getting a heightened sense of or presence.

Awakening spiritually changes the way you move through the world, and allows an inner sense of peace and stillness to govern your actions and reactions.

Paskali Watua.

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