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Pope Francis in good condition.

Pope Francis progress after the intestinal surgery is going normally said Vatican on Tuesday. He also said that he slept well and had got up to walk.

Matteo Bruni said that the results of the routine test were good. He also said that Pope had breakfast and read several newspapers.

The 84- year-old Pope underwent under left hemicolectomy operation on Sunday night. The operation took three hours.In the procedure on side of the colon was removed. Pope Francis is expected to stay in Rome's Gemelli hospital for seven days .

It was the first time for Francis to be hospitalized since he was elected as the Pope in 2013. Francis timed the surgery for the start of July . In July Francis traditionally slows down, cancelling all public and private sector.

Vatican press office said that the surgery was for symptomatic diverticular stenosis of the colon. The condition is common in old people, sees sac-like pounches protude from muscular layer of the colon leading it to become narrow causing pain and inflammation.

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