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7 Harsh Truths About Life

1.The moment life seems to suck you off, remember someone else is sitting on the opposite end of the stick sucking all the juice.

2.Discernments sometimes work. If you think there is a glaring problem at hand, there will be an elephant. For many people, what they dread the most comes true.

3.No one is monstrous in this world. Just trust the focal point you are walking through. Sometimes the lonely thing you need to change is the focal point, and it will all look delicious.

4.Life is like Russian roulette. You have no idea which room the living slug is in. The key to enduring and dominating the game is to dominate the speed at which you turn the chamber and the circumstances when you squeeze the trigger.

5.The best misfortune is to deprive yourself of all the guilty pleasures in life possible only to surrender yourself to the lure when you are mature enough to be known as a grandfather.

6.People will decide to recognize what they have to recognize rather than the reality because it is less excruciating.

7.The human psyche is inventive in several ways. Men uniquely use their creative minds, unlike women. For example, although women use their psyche to imagine a wide range of things about a man when they see one as if the man is equipped for affection, men use their inner x-ray frame in their brain to filter the life structures of a woman.

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