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Spiritual Messages of Birds Knocking Your Window

In the world's traditions and Biblical concepts, every happening signifies something or has message over a particular even that is yet to come. Different birds have different messages. Here are the meanins of birds hitting on your window.

1. Sparrow

The sparrow is a symbol of good tidings and liberation, which in some cases it symbolizes wealth. If this bird knock on your window, expect to grow in terms of wealth.

2. Bluebird

The blue color signifies joy, and this translates to its message. When a bluebird hits your window, expect joyful news ans transition.

3. Dove

This bird represents purity in the Bible. It symbolizes good energy and peace. This bird was also sent out by Noah to scout for land. It also describes the right direction and perceptions. When it hits your window, it means good news on the way.

4. Condor bird

The bird is a symbol of evil omen. When it hits your window and enter into your house, death usually follows that visit. It represents message of loss.

5. Bluejay bird

The Bluejay bird signifies self assurance. When it hits or knocks your class window, it means your confidence needs some improvement. It brings a message to inform you about where you need to improve in your life.

6. Owl

In the Bible, the Owl is a symbol of knowledge and vision. It some cases it will represent health. In most african traditional beliefs, a Owl is a symbol of bad omen. When this birds makes its sounds closer to your home, it means there is bad news coming. It some cases, it means close family member will die.

7. Blackbird

Folklore does not agree on blackbirds. Some traditions believe blackbirds is a symbol of death. Others believe that ni such as Raven brings security.

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