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Forget About President Magufuli, Where Exactly is Prophet David Owuor?

Repentance and Holiness ministries is a church headed by the self proclaimed mighty prophet of the Lord, Dr David Owuor. The church has a nationwide congregation and their members are distinct to wearing specific unique outfits. The congregants of Repentance and Holiness ministries are known to love their prophet and to show him support, they hold huge preaching and healing rallies where the night prophet of the Lord is invited for healing and restoration where thousands of people attend.

Of late, the self proclaimed prophet hasn't been seen over a long period of time since the Corona virus pandemic struck in rallies and regular meetings they usually hold . He has only been heard over the Jesus is Lord radio and seen over other media outlets preaching the end time teachings and he hasn't held any major rally since the pandemic came. The reason for this is because of the ban on public gatherings and mass gathering for religious activities and maybe when the pandemic is gone, he'll have a come back with his huge rallies.

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