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Why anger is dangerous.

Anger is a strong feeling of displeasure, hostility or antagonism towards someone or something, usually combined with an urge to harm, often stemming from perceived provocation, hurt, or threat.

In the bible when Cain was angry with his brother Cain,he killed him.

When Moses was angry with the people for worshipping idols he threw the ten commandments that were written on the stone tablets on the ground and they broke.

The Bible tells us to be angry but that anger should not lead us to sin.

Anger can lead someone to do regrettable and unforgettable act.

Below are the reasons as to why as a human being you need to control your anger no matter what:

1.Anger can cause you trouble.

For example you've killed someone because you were angry,the next step is, you, going to jail no matter how much you try to ran away.

2.Anger can deny you opportunities.

Let's say you were angry with your boss.You say evil things behind him,you threaten him and all that.The next step you are fired.

And that act alone can deny you so many opportunities in your carrier.

3.Anger can lead to loss of marriage.

Lets say you are angry with your partner and you refuse to listen to him/her then it means your marriage will fail.

4.Anger can bring you a curse.

Whenever someone is angry with you,give a soft answer,this will turn away wrath.

But if you answer harshly,those words will stir up anger and there will be no solution to that.

Remember how Cain's anger led him to kill his own brother.

Don't allow this spirit of anger to rule over you.RESIST.

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