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APC Youth Leader Reveals Why He Formally Married Two Wives On The Same Day

Love is a strong emotion that brings people together for lasting relationships as friends or couples. The proponents of love as a beautiful feeling allude to acts of affirmationand and wholehearted service in sharing quality time together. When young people fall in love with each other,there are personal and societal expectations even if they happened to fall for each other at first sight. It is expected that a love relationship will thrive and eventually two become one in marriage. Although the bible talks of men of God who were married to more than one wife, christianity does approve of a monogamous marriage where a man and woman are joined in holy matrimony as husband and wife until death do them part. Islam on the other hand allows for men to marry more than one wife as long as the man is capable of meeting of the physical and emotional needs of rhe women.

A youth Leader of All Progressive Congress amazed the world when he married two wives on the same day.The action of Babangida Adamu's marriage two women in a spun of hours elicited reactions from varied people who wondered how possible it was to 'kill two birds with one stone' . It is reported that Adamu tied the knots on Saturday in Abuja with Malama Maimuna Mahmud at 10:00am and later at 1:30 pm wedded Malama Maryam Muhammad Na'ibi on the same day. The lucky man thanked God for marrying two women on the same day because He had made his dream come true. He said he had for long dreamt of marrying two women on the same day and God had made it happen. Many people have since congratulated him and prayed for him to live peacefully with his two wives.

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