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God Has Something Good In Store For You If You Notice 5 Things In Your Life

There are seasons in life when we wait on God while anticipating His divine visitation. Everyone desires God to intervene in the situations of their lives. This may involve constant prayer and seeking God until something happens. When God answers prayer, it serves to strengthen our faith in Him. It is therefore a thing of joy when God begins to act. How then can you notice that God is about to do something spectacular in your life?

1. You begin to pray more

When God is about to intervene for your sake, you develop a unique urge for prayer. This aligns you with God in preparation for His blessings over your life. Therefore when you are moved to pray, keep praying because your breakthrough is at hand.

2. Spiritual attacks

Because of God's blessings which are about to overflow, the enemy launches an attack against you. This is so as to prevent you from benefiting from what God has intended for you. This is why you should pray for God to fight for you and shield you from every attack of the devil.

3. You receive visions or dreams

God also communicates through visions and dreams. You may begin to have encounters through visions that align to your prayers and God's blessings over your life. You may also have dreams that point to your blessings hence assuring you that God is about to bless you.

4. God brings helpers your way

You begin to notice that you are meeting people who help you to achieve your goals. These people are instrumental in helping you move ahead. On the other hand, you may start to lose the people who are a liability in your life.

5. You perceive that change is coming

You may begin to feel within you that status is changing and you sense that there is a major shift coming your way. This should assure you that indeed a breakthrough is coming.

What other possible signs can indicate that a breakthrough awaits you? Feel free to share in the comments section.

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