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Covid-19 wasn't something to joke about, atleast. Tanzanian Pastor Josephat Gwajima learns.

Pride comes before the fall and God humbles the proud and uplifts the humble. The Tanzanian pastor Josephat Gwajima of Glory of Christ Tanzania Church(GCTC) shocked Kenyans together with Rwandans, when he mocked them for closing down churches.

Kenya and Rwanda, had closed churches as one of the means to ensure social-distancing as a means of reducing the spread of the deadly virus. According to Gwajima, the two countries should not have closed churches at all just like Tanzania.

“Rwanda closed and even made it illegal to go church now they have 83 cases. Corona decided to attack them because they were not going to church. Corona says since there is no one calling on the name of the Lord let me work on them," he said.

" Kenya closed its churches and now has 113 cases while three are already dead. They are being tested but no recoveries because they are not going to church, what a stupidity?" He continued. "Here in Tanzania, due to the stand of our president, we have only 30 cases and the patient who died had other preexisting conditions.” he said.

Since then, those who felt agitated marked the man of God and patiently waited to see how the Covid-19 cases unvail in Tanzania. It has been a Shocker since within a few days, Tanzanian cases shot from the said 20 to 257 cases, closely following Kenya which is at 281.

As a Christian, I understand God dwells in us, for we are his temples. Wherever we worship him from, He hears and He answers our prayers. Let's pray for His intervention in this situation. Meanwhile let's observe the recommendations by the WHO, moreso the social distancing, as we try to put this virus at bay. 

#StayHome, #StaySafe.

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